Faith Deliverance Church, Inc. is a non-denominational, Word based ministry in Brownsville, Tennessee. The purpose of this ministry is to: “Raise the Level of Thinking from Survival to EMPOWERMENT!”

This Ministry was birthed in the home of Bishop and Pastor Will & Hazel Boyd and their children in May of 1989. As a result of the growth in the attendance, the ministry move to three different locations to accommodate its growth. With the help of the Lord, in year 2000, the congregation built a 8,000 plus square foot worship center, where we are presently located.

Faith Deliverance Church has developed ministries within the church designed to support its growth and minister to the total man. Our focus is on building strong families, transforming lives, changing our community, winning the Lost to the Cross, and raising our level of thinking from survival to empowerment. Our future is shining bright filled with the promises of God and we are filled with a fresh expectation because we have learned that “it works better when we all do it”.

What can you expect from Faith Deliverance Church?

• An opportunity to hear the preached word
• An opportunity for fellowship
• An opportunity to mature as a Christian through Christian education
• An opportunity to develop in your spiritual gifts to the glory of God and the edification of humankind
• An opportunity to help win the world to Christ

Ministries at Work:

Ministerial Staff | Corporate & Intercessory Prayer Ministry | FDC Music Ministry | Life Transforming Truth Radio Broadcast

Multi-Media Ministry | One Way Youth Ministry includes Nursery Ministry (1-7) | Children’s Church (8 – 13) | Teen Ministry (14-18)

Tutoring Ministry (Wednesday Nights) | FDC Scholarship Fund

Hospitality Ministry

Ministry of Helps

....the Bible is the inspired Word of God.

....the GODHEAD is manifested in three persons:

God the Father is greater than all; the Source of the Word (Logos) and the Begetter.

Jesus is the Son of God, One with the Father, the Word flesh- covered, the One Begotten, and has existed with the Father from the beginning.

The Holy Spirit processed forth from both the Father and the Son and is eternal.

....the new birth is necessary to all men, and when fulfilled produces eternal life the water baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit the baptism and indwelling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues (as the Holy Spirit gives utterance). divine healing has been provided in the atonement of Christ ( His stripes we are healed. Isaiah 53:5) for those who believe and by faith act on the truths written in the Word of God. the resurrection of the Just and the return of our Lord. (When He comes, ‘The dead in Christ shall rise first; we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air.”)

As we proclaim Jesus the Christ, as the head of the church and the manifested Word of God, our vision is to prepare a body of believers for the Lord’s return through the Word of God. We set fourth a challenge to believe, breathe, and act on God’s Word in everyday living.

We are “Raising the Level of Thinking from Survival to Empowerment”, through Celebration, Caring, Cultivation, and Communication of God’s Word with every opportunity.

We are embracing people, expanding vision, and pursing destiny!